Here at SME Payroll, we’re always looking to give you the best experience and service. SME Payroll not only offer great value for money but will also help keep you compliant with recent changes in legislation, including the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Continuous updates to legislation

As you know the world of Payroll is constantly changing, with new rules, regulations and data submission requirements being requested by Revenue every year. 

For the current tax year, we’ve updated the following to keep you compliant:

  • P60 template for 2018 year end

  • PAYE, PRSI and USC rates and thresholds

  • Revenue submission requirements

    • P30 (Monthly/quarterly submission)

    • P35 (End of year submission)

Our latest release for Payroll ensures that your payroll service is fully ready for the GDPR, with enhancements that will allow you to have better control of your staff’s personal data. 

We’re also working closely with Revenue to ensure your payroll service is fully compliant with the PAYE Modernisation legislation which comes into enforcement from 1 January 2019.