The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection has announced that she received Government approval to revise the draft Scheme of the Payment of Wages (Amendment) Bill 2019 to include a legal right for workers to receive "on a fair, transparent and equitable basis" tips and gratuities  paid by electronic means such as by debit and credit cards. Approval has also been given to progress this Bill as quickly as possible.

Through her Bill, the Minister intends:

  • To amend the Payment of Wages Act to ensure that tips and gratuities cannot be used to 'make-up' or satisfy a person's contractual wages;
  • To provide for a requirement on employers to clearly display, for the benefit of workers and customers, their policy on how tips, gratuities and service charges are distributed;
  • To provide a legal entitlement for workers to receive tips and gratuities that are paid by customers in electronic form (i.e. debit or credit cards)

To oblige employers to distribute electronically gifted tips to workers in a "fair, transparent and equitable manner"