faq SME Payroll Ireland

How much does your service cost?

We are confident that our payroll service is one of the most competitive in Ireland. The service you receive far outweighs the fixed costs associated with the accurate payroll process that we provide.

The cost is based on the number of employees, to get a detailed estimate, please contact our sales team here or contact our sales manager on 0861512052 (International 00353861512052)


If I hire SME Payroll to manage my payroll, will I need to commit to a contract?

There is no term contract or commitment. We will work with you to establish an agreement outlining the services SMEPayroll will provide as well as the expectations of each party.


How do I submit my payroll information to SME Payroll?

It is preferable to submit payroll data in writing should a Revenue audit take place. The format can indeed be by secure email. All documentation will be security kept and easily attainable should it be requested.

Does SME Payroll replace the need for my accountant's services?

SME Payroll is solely focused on helping small and mid-sized companies manage their payroll needs and government remittances. SME Payroll can from time to time provide referrals to our clients, but we do not replace the need for an accountant or tax adviser.


How will my employees receive their pay?

This is entirely up to your requirements. Most clients merely want to understand the costs to the company. i.e. how much to pay staff, how much to pay to the revenue and social security department and to other institutions such as medical providers. The reports SME Payroll produces are accurately completed to high standards detailing the gross to net or net to gross figures. It can be agreed to manage the salary payment to staff should it be required. 


Will my employees receive a payslip or statement?

Payslips can be sent electronically to all staff or by post. There is no cost associated with electronic payslips and is the preferred method by most staff as they retain all payment slips searchable by an email search.

I only have 1 to 5 employees. Do you manage payroll for companies of our size?

SME Payroll focuses solely on small to medium sized companies so we are in fact tailored for these companies. We serve many businesses with 5 employees or less and we do it very cost efficiently.

I am interested in investigating a partnership with SME Payroll. Who should I contact?

Please get in touch with us using our contact form here or by phone. We will quickly follow up with all legitimate requests. You may also contact by phone 086 1512052.


Do you provide any year end services?

Year end is fully processed by SME Payroll. We will reconcile the entire year and provide reports to your company with advice on how to handle any liabilities or refunds due.


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